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Succes Story Scale-IT

At the end of 2021 we did an implementation for an MSP, Scale-IT. Within 2 months we managed to set up the Scale-IT and their customer 4me instances. We reached our goal helping them gain insight and control over their business.

Succes Story Stern groep N.V.

Earlier this year we finished the 4me implementation of 4me. Stern and 4me wrote a customer succes story that we would like to share with you. A nice mention of Bright Octopus as an implementation partner, read the full story below.

Succes Story Nationaal Restauratiefonds

In the first quarter of 2020 we had the opportunity to help our first customer Nationaal Restauratie Fonds with a new operating model and the implementation of 4me. From the very beginning we made sure that our customer had full visibility and control over the service delivery chain, from employee to provider. After the implementation we have been continuously improving and supporting them with their current operating model and 4me setup.

Nationaal Restauratie Fonds and our partner 4me took the time to write a customer succes story.

About Bright Octopus

Bright Octopus has over 20 years of experience in helping businesses change and manage all aspects of their IT and support teams.

We translate Service Integration and Management, or SIAM, from a theoretical approach to a practical working method. For most businesses managing and directing the many available (cloud based) application providers knows a steep curve.

Our simple and goal oriented approach sets us apart in improving our customers' businesses. Whether in a consulting role, or taking over the entire project from start to finish, our services can be adapted to suit your needs. Apart from designing the IT processes and (ITSM) tooling we feel that involving the existing IT organization plays a mayor role in making a successful change.

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Our Services

IT (Service) Management Consultancy

We can help you build a new IT organisation, set up our Operating Model "One" and help you get a get grip on your IT suppliers. We implement SIAM in a practical way. Along the change process we will be guiding you and your IT staff to a succesfull implementation.

Complete implementation of ITSM, ESM and SIAM tooling. This means technical implementation, but also the change in proces and the way of working. We developed our own Service Operating model, which can be used as a standard for your organisation. We are partner of 4me and Freshservice.

Interim IT Management

We can fulfill a Managing role within your organisation. For example an IT director, IT Manager, Servicemanager, Operations Manager or Project Manager. Our combined experiences allow us to perform these roles on the highest level.

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